Cancellations must be made by the authorised person/company with an OTHK account.or an agreement with OTHK. The parent or guardian of students, or the company to which billing is made, is for this purpose 'the client'. Children (minors) may not cancel tutorials or blocks of tuition.. Older children are welcome to inform us of planned cancellations but a signed, written request from the parental or company client must also be made in good time before the cancellation can be confirmed and the fees accordingly adjusted.

Continuous clients

Continuous clients (usually parents, not students) must inform us of cancellation two working days before the scheduled lesson by their own e-mail (which will be confirmed by telephone). Our office handles such requests from 9 am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays only. Thus for example a lesson scheduled for Wednesday afternoon must be cancelled before 5 pm the previous Monday.

Clients booking a block of tutorials

Block-bookers may NOT cancel lessons that have been finally confirmed and agreed to be paid for or actually paid for. Time is reserved for you on the basis of your booking and it is wise to fully ensure that the times reserved can be met by the student before a block booking is made.


Continuous clients will not be charged and block-booking clients will have their fees refunded (minus an administrative charge of 10% of the whole fees) if an acceptable medical certificate is produced and the block booking is cancelled with reasonable notice.

For its part, OTHK reserves the right to cancel its tutorials at any time. We will of course do our utmost to provide you with as much notice as possible.

We do not offer miracle cures, quick fixes or mindless cramming.

Our aim is to produce a better-prepared student who can cope with anything the examiners may confront them with.
We do not crowd our students into stuffy, noisy cubicles in Central.
Instead we mainly offer home visits, office tutorials or teach wherever the student feels comfortable.
ALL our tutors are Oxford graduates or are of similar academic standing.