Oxford-calibre Tutors For Quality Tuition

The success of the Oxford way comes to Hong Kong...

All our tutors are, wherever possible, Oxford University graduates with local experience or are recruited directly from Oxford University.

Oxford Tutors offer a unique service to children, students and professional people in Hong Kong.

Presided over by Oxford graduate Dr George Adams (St Edmund Hall, teaching in Hong Kong since 1988), the school offers the best possible standard of teaching, coaching and guidance with the highest academic attainment in mind.

We follow the OXFORD METHOD of tailor-made, personalised tutorials in ALL SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY SUBJECTS.

We specialise in examination preparation and remedial work. We love to teach children of all ages.


We offer comprehensive guidance and a focussed, holistic approach to teenagers and young adults. We also coach and assist university students, professional people wishing to upgrade themselves and people otherwise in employment yearning to get ahead in their careers.

Our North American section deals with SAT and other USA and Canadian examinations.

Where possible, students are taught in their own home or office. Tutorials are also held in our own centre at no extra charge.

We mainly offer one-to-one supportive tuition. Small groups are also sometimes arrranged.

Fees are only very slightly higher than many ordinary tutorial schools in Hong Kong. The standard of service is, however, in our view, much higher than such schools and offers greater value for money.

You are welcome to call us directly to discuss your own or your child's personal needs in the fullest confidence.

Dr Adams is available to discuss your tutorial requirements at any reasonable time.

If he is teaching or otherwise engaged, leave your number and he will call you back at his earliest convenience.

We do not offer miracle cures, quick fixes or mindless cramming.

Our aim is to produce a better-prepared student who can cope with anything the examiners may confront him with.
We do not crowd our students into stuffy, noisy cubicles in Central.
Instead we mainly offer home visits, office tutorials or teach wherever the student feels comfortable.
ALL our tutors are Oxford graduates or are of similar academic standing.