Booking Tutorials With OTHK


Continuous Clients (Download the booking form)

A Continuous Client is someone who makes a commitment to have weekly tuition at a set time or times for an indefinite period..Such clients are billed monthly at the end of each month.

Block-Booking Clients (Download the booking form)

A Block-Booking Client books for students with a definite idea of how long and/or how many tutorials they wish to take with us, They are often students preparing for examinations or on school holiday. OTHK offers flexible arrangements and makes a proposed timetable which is agreed to by the client.

How To Book and Who Can Book

Our Principal is always available to advise you personally as to which and how many tutorials you or your child should take and how he thinks it best to proceed in any given case.

In the case of students under 18, a parent or legal guardian is the 'client' and should make all bookings. Children should not book tuition for themselves. They are of course welcome to make enquiries to us.

Please read our fair and clear cancellation conditions which are part of any agreement you make with us.

Please submit the completed form as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected]

OTHK regrets that it is not always possible to accept students during busy pre-examination periods. Please book well in advance.


Service Provided
Individual Tuition (one tutor per student)
Fee (in HK$) Per Hour
Tertiary Level, Degree students, Diploma, Law candidates $750 minimum
IB, AS/A level, Senior Secondary $750
I/GCSE, Middle School Years $700
School years 7,8,9 or equivalent $650 up
Primary school up to year 6 $600 up
Interview and invigilation service
Practice Interview: Secondary/High school entrance $750
Practice Interview: University entrance $750
Invigilation service $800 up to 3 hours, $850 over 3 hours excluding postage and similar admin.charges
Small groups (maximum 4 students) 2 people, 3 people, 4 people
Tertiary $415, $370, $340 (each)
IB, AS/A level or equivalent level $380, $350, $320 (each)
I/GCSE or equivalent level $355, $300, $265 (each)
School years 7,8,9 or equivalent level $330, $270, $250 (each)
Primary school up to year 6 $270, $250, $220 (each)

Do call or e-mail us. Advice and encouragement are ALWAYS FREE!

We do not offer miracle cures, quick fixes or mindless cramming.

Our aim is to produce a better-prepared student who can cope with anything the examiners may confront him with.
We do not crowd our students into stuffy, noisy cubicles in Central.
Instead we mainly offer home visits, office tutorials or teach wherever the student feels comfortable.
ALL our tutors are Oxford graduates or are of similar academic standing.